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Earth art Gem and Jewelry is a tiny little home run business. Just two of us! If you are looking to spend your money with a small mom and pop business, it does not get much better than this. We are dedicated to buying as many of our materials as possible from renewable and local vendors and merchants. We live on the Central Coast of California, a beautiful and inspiring place for an artist.

I am Austin Moore and I have a degree in Architecture from Cal Poly and I also run a design and drafting business. I created Earth Art, with my wife, Shasta, as a way to offer unique and beautiful jewelry to those that appreciate something a bit different. I am completely self taught. No classes, not mentor, just me, and my work bench and my tools. Everything that I make is done by hand and I take great pride in my work. When you work with Earth Art, you are working directly with me, the artist. The silversmithing business is now a huge part of my life and I love every minute of it!

My work has progressed over the years, and much of my work has been influenced by my fans and the custom requests that I take on for them. In recent months, I have worjked hard to develop a new line of designs featuring popular pop culture icons, including the Tardis, from Dr. Who. The Triforce, from the Legend of Zelda Game series, a Tetris and Mario Brothers ring from old school Nintendo, and a series of car and truck tire rings.

In addition to fielding and filling my normal orders, I take on a lot of custom work. Probably more than the average jeweler. With custom work, there is always a challenge with meeting the customers vision with my own talents and abilities, and most of all, making sure that my idea for the design, matches theirs. Common custom orders include spin off's of my already popular ring designs, such as one of a kind Tardis Rings, or Rings based on Movies and TV. I love the challenge and the new possibilities it provides me with every day.

In the end, I love my job, and I love my customers too.

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