Dalek Ace

Dalek Ace travels throughout the UK with his Operator and Female Minders. Having him at your event would be something extra special which will get people smiling about for a long time.

Dalek Ace is available for Charity events, promotions, shop openings, exhibitions, Sci-fi days, Fetes,  Rallies, presentations, weddings /engagements, retirement parties, birthday parties whatever the age.

OK, What makes Dalek Ace so special…well I’m glad you asked, here’s a brief run down to give you an idea

He’s fully motorised & moves with a eerie mechanical sound….frightening or what?

He can turn his dome a full 340° rotating on steel bearings, this means his eye can follow you around….now for a scary thought, his eye is ‘REAL’, with blue LED‘s.

His robotic voice is crystal clear due to top of range voice-box & front mounted speaker.

The gun has a hidden secret….red LED’s, when the smoke is fired it looks like a flame shooting out….how cool is that, gives a great effect….must add the smoke is NOT toxic….the gun can also fire water providing venue is OK with this.

The telescopic plunger arm is made from strong aluminium tubing NOT plastic.

Under the skirt there are more blue LED’s to give the elevating/floating effect when he moves along. 

When you get In touch please give as much information as possible.  They are here to help.

Please call 01303 273346 or you can call Chris on 07956 915066 Or Jayne on 07585 976588 or email them on [email protected] 

Please visit their website for more exciting news about Dalek Ace at www.dalekace.co.uk



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