Honey Lemon Designs

Lisa is the shop owner of Honey Lemon Designs. She is a native Oregonian living in Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Advertising and a minor in Business Management.

Honey Lemon Designs is mostly a result of her restless spirit. Lisa does not like sitting still, but whenever it happens, her pen wanders and she creates things. She started Honey Lemon Designs on May 9, 2013, about a month after she graduated from college, because she was looking for a job and needed something productive to do to pass the time.

Now Lisa is working full time at an advertising agency called Plaid Social Labs, and keeping the shop running on the side. It's a rather fulfilling hobby. She loves coming up with designs that people like, and it makes her happy when others are happy because of her work. 

Lisa does end up working a lot on the weekends and late nights, but is okay with it because she is doing what she loves, and helping others at the same time. Plus her husband is still in school, and she just works on her Etsy shop while he is working on his homework. "It's a nice thing to do to keep my mind active and learning. And I'm thinking it will be a great thing to keep doing when I eventually become a Mom."

Lisa usually has 1-3 sales a week, and has had 34 sales since she opened up shop in May. 

Her shop is different because she likes to infuse each art print with a hint of geek. It's either that or a Christian quote. Lisa likes her art prints to have some added meaning; some are showcasing some facet of a nerdy fandom, others are serving as a positive reminder about something religious, and a few are meant for newly-married and engaged couples. But the best-selling prints are always the nerdy ones, and they are also the most fun to make."

A couple facts:

- Graduated with a B.A. in Communications (advertising) in April 2013

- First sale on Etsy was on May 31, sold to a woman in Australia

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