Jinx N Sparky Crafts - Fashion

"We both love to keep busy in our down time (down time, what's that??), cuz we get bored easy.

About a year ago Marci (Jinx) started to pick up crochet again and Micki (Sparky) acquired an old sewing machine (the best). So, they both started creating and just couldn't stop! And now Marci has a machine, so the girls decided, what was once a hobby could be something even more!

Bonafide geeks of most sci-fi, comics, Disney, etc...the girls thought there just isn't enough geek love in clothing out there unless you want to go to stores and overpay for weird items, so, why not make our own? So, Jinx and Sparky Clumzy Crafts was born for all handmade things geek!"

Email: [email protected]

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/JinxNSparkyCrafts

Facebook: www.etsy.com/shop/JinxNSparkyCrafts

Instagram: @JinxnSparky

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