Bugsy and Me - The Craft Menagerie

Christina Codner, from Sand Lake, NY, United States is the Owner, Designer/Maker of the accessories, jewelry and wearable fan-art creations found within the online Etsy shop “Bugsy & Me…The Craft Menagerie.” 

Her shop combines a love of paper crafting with fandom and provides a way to showcase her obsession with all things geek related, with a special place in her heart and shop reserved for the Doctor and his many companions.

“Congratulations to all the couples partaking in this special moment in history and I sincerely hope your Doctor Who Inspired Ring will continue to provide fond memories of your special day throughout time and space!

Custom orders are always welcome for more information, visit:

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/BugsyMe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/craftedbybella

Twitter: www.twitter.com/craftedbybella

Email: [email protected]

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