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Tea-making for Kei-Hawk Rose started with herbal and medicinal teas. A complicated bundle of health issues including allergies to an unknown (but large) number of the fillers and additives they stick in medications led her to start making her own herbal teas.

It became part of what she took pride in that they were not only functional, but also pleasant to drink. Over time, as her chemical sensitivities worsened, it began to be problematic to find teas-for-taste that she could drink. It took her partner pointing it out for her to realize she could blend teas just for fun and for flavor as well as stock-in-trade medicinals. (A moment he takes much pride in, I assure you.)

Their first flavor tea came out of a need to replace a taste Kei-Hawk had discovered at a Farmer’s Market - a particularly lovely limeade. Lime and Thyme. This quickly turned into an Earl Grey with Lime and Thyme. And became their ‘Wibbley Wobbley Thymey Limey.’ After that ideas started coming to mind fairly swiftly - to the point where now her primary issue when wanting to make a cup of tea is having too many options. Since geek was where the tasty teas names started, Desert Sage Natural has continued the trend, and named all of their flavor teas in homage to various things they love.

Doctor Who was something Kei-Hawk's partner and her share, and she thinks might have been a little surprised to discover that they shared. (Especially as the discovery was well before the new series began.) “Their” Doctors are different, but that doesn't change the mutual glee at the show’s rebirth. (Hers had a lovely scarf, he calls his the cute Doctor.)

"We are both really happy and more than a wee bit honored to be contributing to something as neat as a Whovian Wedding, especially with so many couples. Lovely salute to something so many people have loved so much over the years.

For the two who end up with our “Whovian Tea Parties” - we very much hope you enjoy the teas."

If you are curious about the teas, or want to make a suggestion for something Desert Sage Natural could blend or someone they could create a blend for - they can be found at

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