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"I'm Rhi Louise a.k.a. PuffyTheSlayer, self confessed geek, and Gamer with a creative streak, I make Jewelry, Hair accessories and Home-wares by hand Using Fusable plastic beads a lot of geeky, nerdy and gamer inspiration.

I have been asked to contribute to this amazing event, and as a fan of the show I was of course happy to do so, and will be donating 50 pairs of Dalek Hair clip's as gifts for the bridesmaids.

I'm too young to remember Doctor Who 'classic' but have enjoyed the new series since the first epp. aired. After graduating from uni, I moved back to Wales for a while, and within days was offered extra work on the show - i obviously jumped at the opportunity. I was asked to come bk, too many times to count, and was chosen to film a few walk on's for both Doctor Who and Torchwood, which certainly increased my standing with fellow geeks.

I love this show, and the 10th doctor is by far my favourite incarnation, and I am overwhelmed to of been asked to contribute to such a wonderful day to celebrate the shows 50th anniversary

So congratulations to all the brides and grooms taking part, and I hope your bridesmaids enjoy their Dalek hair clip's"

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