StoneByAllison - Gallifreyan Jewelry

Allison is a marine biologist who became a stay at home mom a few years ago. She has always loved making beautiful things and has been in love with Doctor Who since discovering it in 2007. 

She now makes all kinds of jewelry, but her favorites are the Gallifreyan earrings and necklaces. 

"I think the Gallifreyan jewelry just looks so beautiful and interesting as it is. The fact that is says something meaningful too is icing on the cake.

I love being able to make a custom piece for someone and say exactly what they want in Gallifreyan. My favorite is when someone suggests something and I love it so much that I turn it into one of my regular pieces (such as "I love you" and "Not all those who wander are lost"). I also love finding phrases from the show and turning them into a meaningful piece that someone can carry with them ("Every lonely monster needs a companion", "Run you clever boy, and remember...", and "We're all stories in the end")."

Allison's Etsy shop can be found here: stonebyallison.etsy.com

The shop's Facebook page can be found here:  www.facebook.com/StoneByAllison

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