Painting Rings

Brittany from PaintingRings is a recent Whovian and loves nail polish. She binge watched the New Who series this past year and caught up in time for the premiere of the second half of 7th season, after the Christmas special. (Ninth is her favorite Doctor).

She is also a junior at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Brittany loves buying nail polish and painting her nails. She would buy bottle after bottle of nail polish off of Etsy or from her local drugstore and paint her nails often. She wouldn't always get to show off these pretty colors because she would change the color so often. She found out about nail polish rings through various blogs and bought supplies and started making them for herself. Brittany would post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and people would like them. She started selling them in person very soon after to close friends and family.

Then Britanny opened her Etsy shop Painting Rings in late 2012 (December).

Her top seller is the Galaxy scene with a floating TARDIS and it's her favorite one to make. 

She came across a tutorial for Galaxy themed nails with a TARDIS and decided to try and recreate that. She then thought that it would look super cool on a ring. She made three different rings: a small circle base, a larger circle base, and a heart shaped base.

Brittany has her Etsy page and shares photos of her rings on Instagram using #PaintingRings. She also has a Facebook page for her rings but doesn't update it nearly as often as she should.

She will be adding hair pins to the shop soon as well.

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/PaintingRings
Facebook: www.facebook/PaintingRings
Instagram: @paintingrings and #paintingrings


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