Make your event memorable by inviting Derek the Dalek to amuse your guests.

Hire a dalek for corporate entertainment, fundraisers, parties, Barmitzvahs, exhibitions and events of all kinds, Derek is a well behaved, fully interactive Dalek who loves to entertain adults and children alike and likes to pose for photos.

Derek comes accompanied by an operator and minder and promises not exterminate anyone – unless you want him to!

Derek the Dalek is available for charity events, promotions, shop openings, exhibitions, sci-fi days, fetes, presentations, weddings/engagements, Barmitzvahs, retirement parties, birthday parties for children and grown ups.

  • He is fully motorised and can turn in a full circle on his axis.
  •  Derek's eye can follow you around with multi coloured LED lights.
  • His voice has the perfect Dalek sound with the best made dalek voice changer.
  • He is also fitted with an ipad inside that can trigger off sound effects and music.
  • The gun fires harmless party smoke which is highlighted with a blue LED light at the end of the gun.
  • Underneath are multi coloured LED lights to give the elevating/floating effect when he is stationary and moving.
  • Lights on the head flash on and off when the dalek is talking.

website: www.dalekforhire.co.uk

Contact Lee Tel: 07597 781 848 or email: [email protected]


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