Mechanikool Animation Dancer


Mechanikool has been dancing for 13 years and specialises in the popular streetdance styles known as Popping, Boogaloo and Animation. These dance styles allow the dance to take robotic movements with a funky undertone. The movements are often very illusion and make the dancer appear to do things that he/she isn't actually doing. Mechanikool has been a 2-time UK popping champion and was a semi-finalist in the hit gameshow on SKY TV Got to Dance earlier this year.

Mechanikool is extremely passionate about teaching and sharing the knowledge of the culture of streetdance. This has taken him all over Europe. He teaching reputation has lead to opportunies to share his skills with high -profile household names like Diversity (Winners of Britains Got Talent 2009) He draws upon is 9 years of experience in mentoring teenagers in schools and youth clubs in challenging parts of London. Mechanikool is often invited to host events to share his likeable  and laid back personality with a wider audience beyond the dance community.


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