Blue Box Messiah Comedy Play Opening at Mass Wedding Event

Date Posted: 28 October 2013

The play is written by Michael Gilroy-Sinclair, author of the humorous Doctor Who astrology boom "Whostrology".

What if Doctor Who were a religion ?

Blue Box Messiah is a comedy play about the religion of Doctor Who.

Could Doctor Who be a religion?

That’s the question which life-long Whovians Matt and Luke ponder in this comedy about life, the universe, and the mad man in a blue box! ...

It is directed by Louise Gregory, who has written and directed a number of interactive murder mystery plays with her company Mystery, Inc., including Death Among the Vegetables, Blood & Champagne, Gone to Texas and The Virtuous Sweets.


Blue Box Messiah stars:

  •  Adam Lightfoot as Luke
  •  Lee Shillito as Matt

The opening night will be at the Mass Doctor Who Wedding at Bloomsbury Ballroom on November 24th at 5pm. Part of the huge entertainment planned for the event. 

Blue Box Messiah will then be touring the UK and further information can be found under

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