Prydonian Minister Head Piece to made by 10th Doctor Lookalike

Date Posted: 18 October 2013

Richard is making the head piece of the Prydonian Minister who was played by Tom Baker in the Deadly Assasin. The Prydonians are the elite of the Time Lords, which makes it ideal to be joined together by a Prydonian Minister.

Richard Ashton is the North's leading Tenth Doctor impersonator. With a supporting cast of characters and screen-accurate fan built props, Richard has been attending science fiction conventions and charity fund-raisers for a number of years. With a background in amateur dramatics, Richard has a great deal of experience as a walkabout character, event MC and is both a convincing and engaging entertainer for all ages.

He was cast as David Tennants Body Double for the new Virgin Media Adverts for 2013

As part of Time War Events, Richard is also involved with the organisation of fan run charity conventions.

All appearances are non-profit, with all proceeds going directly to charity

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